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Update: 2003-10-11

It really has been way too long since I last updated this site. So much has happened. I'm no longer living in sunny California. :( I miss it so much! I have moved back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I had an epic trip up here. Drove up from California on Highway 5 up to the Canadian border, and into Vancouver, BC. That was an amazing and sobering trip. Got to see some amazing forest and mountain views along the way, specially in Oregon! Washington State was just great, I wish I'd spend a bit more time along the way instead of doing the trip in 48 hrs. I was in such a hurry to get to Canada.

British Columbia is very likely my favorite spot so far, a close call between it and California! :) I would not even hesitate to move to BC if I had the chance. I just loved the area, specially Victoria, out on Victoria Island. It so reminded me of Nicaragua; there was something in the area that just captivated me. Perhaps it was the surreal views of the mountain ranges hugging the coast, and the cold dark steel look of the Pacific Ocean. It doesn't matter, I would love to move to BC first chance I get.

Eventually I had to start my trip back east, after a much deserved rest and spending some good times with a very good friend (Hi Eliza!), so I spent three days on my way to Calgary, Alberta. This leg of the trip has got to be my favorite of any and all trips I've taken.

Update: 2002-03-09

I know it's been an ungodly long time since I last updated, but I've been driving myself crazy with work and all. Summer was a blur, since that was when we pulled insane hours at work. I can hardly remember doing anything during the summer. Fall was just trying to get over the summer and getting away from it all on the weekends, driving up and down Highway 1 on the coast.

Winter was pretty good; I was able to get away from it all. Went back to Toronto, Canada for a couple weeks. That was nice. It was great to be able to sleep in for once and know that I don't have to get up and go to work. It was great to see my family once more and drive around my old hunting grounds. Well, that's it for now, I'll try to update this site as much as possible, now that I have a bit more time (It's great to be able to manage your own time for once!)

If it's one thing I've been really glad I've gotten, it's my digital camera. It's saved my sanity quite a few times. I just enjoy the fact that I no longer have to wait for film to develop (not to mention chancing the loss of a file receipt!) It's a nice Canon S20 camera. It has 2048x1536x24-bit resolution that allows me to take really good pictures. That combined with my two 128MB Compact Flash cards gives me an insane amount of picture taking capabilities.

NEW--California pictures in the Photos section!

Well, Check out the site and enjoy yourself.

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